Custom Product Development

Custom Product Development and Custom Fulfillment Solutions


Batson has an in-house team of product development pros dedicated to the success of our OEM and private label customers. If you are a rod company producing 50 to 50,000 rods per year, our team can design, source, and ensure on-time delivery of high-quality rod blanks and components worthy of your company name. Batson has sold over a million rod blanks and countless components to the world’s largest rod brands. Let us know what you’re looking for below and one of our product development experts will reach out to discuss your specific needs. We look forward to working with you.


Some of our most common project types:

Custom Rod Blanks

We offer several levels of custom blank development ranging from existing catalog models in custom colors, all the way up to from-scratch pattern design for specialized applications. Development times and custom order minimums are project dependent. 


Custom Grips

Our in-house engineers can create custom grip configurations in just about any shape or size using a variety of materials including foam-injected carbon fiber, EVA, high-grade or mid-grade cork, acrylic, and others.


Custom Reel Seats

Batson supplies custom reel seats to some of the most prestigious and demanding rod brands in the business. The quality of aluminum machining and anodizing we offer is simply unmatched. Machining of specialty materials like titanium is also available. Custom nylon and carbon molding for higher volume projects is available.


Just In Time (JIT) Fulfillment

Batson’s project management team can structure just-in-time fulfillment plans that will keep your production timelines on schedule and your customers happy. By leveraging our global manufacturing partnerships with on-hand inventory management at our U.S. warehouse, we can reduce delivery volatility and offer flexible invoicing that keeps your business in the black.